Busworld Turkey Speakers' Corner brings new topics

22 April 2022

In the 2022 edition Busworld introduces a new seminar concept: the Speakers' Corner. Busworld wants to give the floor to all kinds of speakers and startup companies in a very flexible way.

So far the schedule on 26 and 27 May presents IVECO BUS, ZF, Optibus, HydroBorPEM, Ausis and TTKÖD

So what's new about this concept?


Variation of topics

There is no topic restriction. Any relevant topic for the industry is accepted. The target group can be the operators as well as the manufacturing industry. This way all different topics can be adressed and they don't have to fit in a specific program. The more different topics, the better.

Electric buses, EV management, hydrogen technology, new 2024 production regulation in Turkey, traffic safety and collision mitigation are already on the agenda. More topics will be added.


Short & interactive

The speaking slots are limited to 30 minutes. Why? It has to fit into the schedule of an attendee or a staff member of one of the exhibitors.

The set-up of the booth is aimed at creating more interaction between the speaker and the audience than in a conference room. A speaker presents a case and then interacts with the audience.


Located IN the show

The location is on the exhibition floor, inside the Busworld booth. So anyone who wants to hear a specific speaker, does not waste any time moving to another conference area. It is designed to be integrated as part of a visit -for an attendee- or only a short break the booth -for an exhibitor-. 

Prepare your visit well: check the schedule and add the slots that you want to attend.