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Speakers' Corner


Speakers' Corner day 1



Iveco Bus - Strategy and Focus on the new Sustainable Electric Buses

Speaker: Mr. Stéphane Espinasse, Head of Sales & Products, IVECO BUS



“On the road to the new energy future!”  On this path to the energy transition, IVECO BUS is at the forefront of the industry.

The electric transition is already a reality for IVECO BUS, a leading brand and a strong contributor to a more sustainable world. IVECO BUS aims to fulfil its deep commitment to the energy transition while maintaining highest levels of excellence and productivity through its sustained investment and activities in R&D.

The IVECO BUS E-WAY full-electric city bus is a true environmental flagship range, having been designed for sustainable cities and to fulfil the customers’ demand for decarbonized mobility, wherever they need it.

With its long-standing commitment to the fight against global warming, acting on its ambition to be a leader in electric mobility, IVECO BUS has developed the most complete range on the market in terms of lengths, battery types and sizes, and charging strategy to offer a solution that matches the specific range needs of every customer.

IVECO BUS operates manufacturing plants in Europe located in Annonay (France), Vysoké Myto (Czech Republic), and Brescia (Italy. Over the years, it has developed a very specific skills set and know-how on electromobility and has focused its specialist production engineering expertise at its Electromobility Center of Excellence in Rorthais (France), which is equipped with a test track and the various charging systems.

The extensive IVECO BUS and IVECO service network guarantees assistance around the world wherever an IVECO BUS vehicle is at work.

A core value of IVECO BUS, sustainability is at the heart of all its processes and actions.


Target Audience:

Operators & Industry


Frost & Sullivan - Market Analysis of Turkey

Speakers: Mr. Hikmet Cakmak, Consultant Frost & Sullivan


Story: market analysis of the Turkish market by Frost & Sullivan


Target audience: all visitors


UNCRD - Implementation of Aichi 2030 Declaration in Asia (2021-2030)

Speaker: Dr Choudhury Rudra Charan Mohanty , Environment Programme Coordinator


Story: Implementation of Aichi 2030 Declaration in Asia (2021-2030) - Role of Bus System & Stakeholders 


Target Audience: more info following soon


ZF - Mobilizing Commercial Vehicle Intelligence

Story: Selim Aydınlıoğlu, Managing Director of ZF Services Türk will start the session with background information on Turkish automotive market, local Bus production and ZF’s presence in almost all major OEM’s. Then Philipp Looser, Key Account Director at ZF will take over and give information on ZF’s new CMS technology.


Target Audience: Bus and coach operators

Speakers' Corner day 2



Ausis Akıllı Ulaşım Sistemleri Ticaret .A.Ş - New GSR (General Safety Regulation-EU)

Speaker: Mr. Yusuf Aydin, Sales Director



GSR (General Safety Regulation-EU) will make many new technologies mandatory for vehicles. The new GSR will enter into force this year for vehicles that will apply for type approval for the first time. After 2024, it will be mandatory on all new vehicles sold.

More than 10 technologies are applicable for Bus and Truck manufacturers. This also means, need to integrate more than 10 new security products into vehicles. Selection of suppliers for each, preparation of relevant documents, homologation and R&D studies, and planning of integration studies to ensure the best customer acceptance.


Target Audience

Bus and Truck Manufacturers and their R&D, Purchasing and Product development departments.


Optibus - How to ensure a successful transition to electric buses: Software infrastructure strategies

Speaker: Ms Sinem Tirkes, Regional Director Turkey


Story: Scheduling is difficult, and EVs make it even harder.

When planning for EV adoption, many transportation providers focus on vehiicles, charging stations, and other hardware. But transitioning to and operating an electric fleet poses many complex scheduling challenges. You must be able to account for issues like charging times and locations, multiple charging profiles and charging stations, fluctuating energy costs, battery ranges, weather, and topography. That’s why software infrastructure for EV operations is just as important as EVs and charging stations.

This session reviews best practices for deploying electric buses and managing the transition from diesel to electric vehicles, scheduling for mixed fleets and all-electric ones, managing risks and costs, and how to handle range anxiety, peak vehicle requirements, and slow vs. fast charging.

Optibus will demo its EV management module, which is used by clients worldwide, including MetBus in Santiago, Chile (the largest EV fleet in the Americas), AVTA (the first 100% electric fleet in the US), and Stagecoach (the largest bus & coach operator in the UK).


Target audience: Public transportation operators, private operators, and transit agencies with electric buses and/or looking to transition to eBuses


Transtek (Dafo) - Why Do Buses Burn?

Speaker: Mr. Onür Güler, Sales Engineer


Story: Every year, thousands of bus fires occur all over the world. Bus operators suffer a planty amount of money and invest to solve the problem. So why do these fire cases happen? Why can't it be prevented? If you want to delve deeper into this issue, this talk is for you. In this talk, we're going to talk to you about how Dafo can prevent bus fires.


Audience: Bus and coach operators


HydroBorPEM - Powering automotive with hydrogen

Speaker: Mr. Erhan Demircioğlu, Co-Founder 

Winner of 2nd prize in the 10th "Future of Automotive Design Competition", organised by OIB.


Increasing environmental pollution and the possibility of depletion of fossil fuels in the near future increase the tendency to alternative energy vehicles. Today, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, one of the alternative energy vehicles, stand out with their efficient and environmentally compatible technologies.

HydroBorPEM Fuel Cell Technologies manufactures 6 times more efficient composite fuel cell membrane and fuel cell stack for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Target Audience: Vehicle manufacturers and all companies working on fuel cell engines


Transtek Turkey Otomotiv - How To Reduce Your Operational Cost By Camera Monitoring Systems?

Speaker: Mr Atalay Hüryaşar, Marketing Specialist


Story: Did you know that the rear view mirrors are the most changed part after the bumper?

It has many disadvantages as well as benefits. Night vision difficulty, blind spots, reflection, harsh weather conditions etc. I would like to tell the story of how we solved these problems and reduced the operational cost by increasing the investment cost.

Let's take a closer look at how technology positively affects our daily lives together.


Target audience: operators and vehicle manufacturers



UNCRD - How Smart Buses Transform Our Cities and Communities? - Cases from Japan and beyond

Speaker: Dr. Ganesh Raj Joshi, Environment Unit


Story: Public transport, particularly, buses play a crucial role to provide better transport facility for all sectors of society. Making bus transport system safe, smart, low-carbon and resilient is essential for suitable development. This presentation highlights how a smart bus system can transform our cities and communities and contribute to international agendas and agreements, including SDGs, Paris Agreement, New Urban Agenda, and others. This presentation further focuses on how integrated and efficient public smart bus technologies such as automatic vehicle location (AVL), automated stop announcements (ASA), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), live look-in capability for camera-equipped buses, transit apps and GPS system can bring number of benefits such as increase safety and security, efficiency and comfort, enhanced accessibility and connectivity through clean, healthy and environment friendly transit that not only helps to reduce congestion, air pollution and traffic accidents but also enhanced livability and sustainability of cities and communities.


Target audience: Mobility designers and decision makers


TTKÖD - Winter Tire Legislation Improvement

Speaker: Mr. Alpay Lök, Vice Chairman


Story: Winter Tire Legislation Improvement


Target audience: all visitors

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