Two times succes for Akia Avesto in Tajikistan

03 April 2024

Just recently the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, welcomed 30 new electric battery powered buses of local production by LLC “Akia Avesto Automotive Industry”. Also Akia Avesto was awarded an open tender to supply Bokhtar city in Tajikistan with 41 units of low entry city buses. In Dushanbe Akia Avesto and partners also have built the fast charging depot with 15 units of 240 kW fast chargers.

The first domestic electric buses have begun operating in the streets of Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan with 1.2 million inhabitants. The city plans on fully electrifying public transport including taxis. This is all accomplished through government programs and support for electric vehicles aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing incentives for electric vehicles. In Tajikistan 98% of the electric energy generated comes from renewable resources, specifically hydro power plants. Government programs are providing electric vehicles with benefits such as exemption from customs fees and VAT. In Dushanbe the scheduled date for the transition of public transport to electric vehicles is 2026. Dushanbe

currently has 700 buses, 2500 minibuses, and 4500 taxis and now the 30 Akia Neru e-buses. The Akia Neru is 12 meters long, has 32 seats, and a total capacity of 100 passengers. It comes with heating and A/C system, 6 surveillance cameras, 2 information screens and USB charging sockets for passengers. The battery capacity is 350 kWh, the engine 240 kW with 3300 Nm torque. The air suspension is by ZF and has a kneeling function. Akia Avesto and its partners have built fast charging depot with 15 units of 240 kW fast chargers. State of charge, monitoring and data gathering for analysis is done remotely through control center.

Akia Bokhtar

In Bokhtar, the capital of the province Chatlon in Tajikistan public transport will be improved by acquirement of 41 new low entry buses, construction of bus depot and implementation of an e-ticketing system. This is made possible by the Government of Tajikistan and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) that has provided 10.8 million US dollars for implementation of the project. 3.2 million US dollars of this amount will be provided in the form of grant. The EBRD will provide 1.6 million US dollars in technical assistance in the framework of implementation of the project. For acquirement of the 41 low entry buses EBRD issued an open tender which LLC “Akia Avesto Automotive Industry” won with its Akia Aryan LE8, an 8.5- meter compact low entry bus. The bus is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz Euro 5 engine and an Allison automated transmission. All buses are equipped with heating and A/C systems, ramp and space for disabled, surveillance system, cashless payment terminal, microphone and interior monitors. Akia Avesto is a joint venture with a Turkish company Akia and established in 2018.