e-ATA hydrogen

Karsan Presented the Future of Public Transportation at Busworld Türkiye

18 June 2024

Karsan took part in Busworld Türkiye 2024, the largest bus fair in the sector. At the exhibition, which was held in Istanbul, Karsan made a show with its Autonomous e-ATAK, an environmentally friendly model equipped with the technology of the future and the e-ATA HYDROGEN, which represents the most efficient form of hydrogen technology in public transportation, and the new right hand drive e-JEST.

"Bringing the technologies of the future to the present and leading the sector with its pioneering moves, Karsan continues to present its technology and production power to consumers at the world's leading fairs and organizations", was the statement under which Karsan participated in Busworld 2024. Stating that the fair was very productive for Karsan, Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Karsan, said: “We continue to take important steps as part of our vision of being 'One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility' and our Karsan Electric e-VOLUTION journey. Just 3 years after launching our first electric model, we became the first brand to offer the full e-range in all sizes from 6 meters to 18 meters. We are also the only European brand that can offer electric, hydrogen and autonomous technologies in public transportation.

As of today, in 23 countries more than 1100 Karsan electric buses provide environmentally friendly and high comfort services to the people. We have already reached an experience of more than 160 million kilometres, which guides us in developing both our existing vehicles and our new vehicles. We have also put other right-hand drive countries on our agenda after the Japanese market. In this context, we plan to introduce the right-hand drive e-JEST to the UK market at the end of this year.” Karsan recently delivered 60 e-JEST vehicles to Aselsan and is now operating two Autonomous e-ATAK vehicles at Istanbul Technical University and the Presidential Complex. Its 8-meter e-ATAK and 12-meter e-ATA models are the first electric public transportation buses in Turkish cities Antalya and Bursa.


"We have already reached an experience of more than 160 million kilometres, which guides us in developing both our existing vehicles and new ones. We entered the European market in 2019 and have been growing continuously for the past five years. Last year, we ranked 6th in the European electric bus market. e-JEST, the pioneer of its class, has been the leader of the electric minibus market in Europe for the last 4 consecutive years with a market share of 29 percent. Likewise, our 8-meter e-ATAK model has a 24 percent share. On the other hand, our Autonomous e-ATAK model continues to achieve firsts, it has carried 27 thousand passengers so far over more than 75 thousand kilometres. To date, we have commissioned 8 different Autonomous e-ATAK projects in different cities including the USA, Romania, France, Norway, Finland and Türkiye. Our largest model, the 18-meter e-ATA, is the segment leader in Italy and Romania. To date, we have received 184 e-ATA orders from Europe, 106 of which have already been delivered. We will have delivered the remaining 78 vehicles by the end of the year.”