Bozankaya presented new electric bus at Busworld Turkey

06 June 2024

At Busworld Turkey, Bozankaya, the Turkish manufacturer based at Ankara, has presented its new generation e-bus series: New Generation Bus. The bus will become available in lengths of 10, 12, 18, and 25 meters as a double articulated. This New Generation Bus is the successor of the Sileo e-bus range, launched in 2017 by Bozankaya. At Bozankaya it is emphasized that the new e-bus is engineered and developed totally by Bozankaya, from design to production.

Also Bozankaya presented at the fair in Istanbul a charging system that provides up to 360 kW. The New Generation e-buses are completely low floor and are according to the manufacturer very silent. Inside only 68 to 70 dBa is measured. Asked for what driveline and batteries will be used the answer was that Bozankaya will have 4 prototypes, and that for each length, and for each bus a different driveline and batterypack is available. Emrah Dal, CTO at Bozankaya, highlighted that Bozankaya’s journey began with component production for transportation systems in Salzgitter, Germany, by Murat Bozankaya, and continued with the factory established in Ankara in 2003. A nice touch there for is that the New Generation Bus

is already homologated in Germany as CTO Emrah Dal explained. “Our factory in Ankara initially produced bus carbodies and underframes. As a result of the decision and the investment we made, and the R&D studies we conducted in 2010, we produced our first electric bus and trolleybus in 2014. This made us the first company in Turkey to produce an electric bus for public transportation. Currently, electric buses and trolleybuses are used in public transportation in 10 cities in our country. The year 2015 was a significant milestone for us, and we expanded our production capacity with our 100,000-square-meter factory." Bozankay also produces tram and metrosystems.