Who we are

Keyes Automotive and Engineering Inc.; With the vision of being the most preferred solution partner by Vehicle manufacturerss and designers in the regions it serves, in the fields of alternative fuel systems and electronics / electromechanics, engineering and design solutions, supply consultancy, parts supply and after-sales services, it offers its customers the best solution. continues to add value at a good level.

Our sample study topics; Alternative Fuel (CNG, LNG, Hydrogen) Systems (Type 4 Cylinder Systems, Filling nozzle, fuel control panels, stainless pipes, stainless connectors, valves, valves, filters, regulator), Communication Systems (Modem, Router, Switch, IoT Platform) , Sensors (Collision sensor, fuel level sensor, Tilt sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, HOD sensor, Door Security Sensor), Converters, Power Supplies, Passenger Information Displays, Passenger Counting Systems, On-Board Computer, Announcement System, Line Signs, Camera Recording System, Gas Pedal, Steering Column, Hydraulic Brake Calipers, Pedal Systems, Lighting Equipment, Fire Extinguishing Systems.