Who we are

We specialize in developing safety technologies and innovations that have the potential to save lives. Our safety solutions are incorporated into various trusted brands and carriers worldwide, ensuring safer transportation for all, including your loved ones. ARKPRES was founded in 1968 and started to manufacture Static Seat Belts in 1973. In a short time, giant names of the national automotive industry preferred ARKPRES products for very popular vehicle series. ARKPRES has an up-to-date production plant, a noteworthy expert staff and great know-how. Known for immaculate accuracy in special orders, ARKPRES have many distinguished companies of major industry as references; and ARKPRES products are being released in the domestic market as original automotive spare parts.


Featured products

Arkpres ALR

ALR Safety Belt

Automatic Locking Retractors

2-point ALR safety belt is a type of safety belt that uses a two-point attachment system and an automatic locking retractor (ALR) mechanism to provide a secure and comfortable fit. The ALR mechanism allows the user to adjust the length of the belt to fit their body, while the two-point attachment system provides a basic level of protection by securing the user at two points across the body. 2-point ALR safety belts are commonly used in automobiles, agriculture and other applications where a basic level of safety restraint is required.


Arkpres ELR

ELR Safety Belts

Emergency Locking Retractors

The ELR Safety Belts comes with two and three anchorage positions, one on each side of the seat belt, and the retractor side of the belt self-winds when not in use. This feature makes it easy to keep the safety belt protected and out of the way. Additionally, the ELR Safety Belt uses an Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) that self-tightens the belt around the passenger's waist, eliminating the need to adjust the belt for each passenger. To ensure compliance with seat belt requirements, please contact us.

Arkpres E-ALR

E-ALR Safety Belts

Hybrid Locking Retractors

The E-ALR safety belt system is a combination of ELR and ALR safety belt technologies. This technology has been developed especially for all terrain vehicles. It is for the use of the all terrain vehicle on regular roads you have the comfort of an ELR belt. For the terrain use, by pulling out the webbing to the end, the ALR mechanism will be activated, therefore it will tighten the user at the seat, the belt acts as a static belt. By unbuckling and the winding up of the webbing the ALR mechanism will be switched off and the belt can be used as regular comfortable ELR belt again.

Arkpres Harness

Harness Safety Belts

Experience the epitome of safety and control with our harness belts. Our harness belts provide unparalleled protection in high-stress situations. Meticulously designed and crafted with exceptional attention to detail, our harnesses feature ergonomic construction for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Built with robust materials and tested to stringent industry standards, our harness safety belts offer reliable restraint and stability, ensuring optimal safety during takeoff, landing, and turbulent conditions.

Arkpres WTOR


Wheelchair Tie-Downs and Occupant Safety Belts

Designed with a deep understanding of accessibility needs, our tie-down systems provide robust and reliable restraint for wheelchairs during transportation. Engineered with advanced features and materials, our wheelchair tie-downs offer effortless installation and exceptional stability, ensuring passengers remain securely positioned throughout the journey. Complementing the tie-down system, our occupant safety belts are meticulously crafted to provide optimal protection and comfort. Rigorously tested to exceed industry standards, our safety belts ensure peace of mind for both wheelchair users and their caregivers.

Arkpres Adjusters


Safety belt adjusters are a device that allows users to adjust the length of their safety belts for a more comfortable and secure fit. They are typically made of plastic or metal and attach to the safety belt webbing, providing a sliding mechanism that can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten the belt. Safety belt adjusters are commonly used in automobiles, airplanes, and other applications where safety belts are required, and they help to ensure that the belt fits snugly and securely across the user's body for optimal protection.

Arkpres Buckles


Engineered to meet the highest standards of reliability and functionality, our buckles provide secure fastening and easy release for various safety belt applications. Designed with precision and attention to detail, our buckles offer a robust and durable solution for ensuring optimal restraint and protection. With intuitive and user-friendly designs, our safety belt buckles allow for effortless operation, enabling quick and hassle-free fastening and unfastening. Tested rigorously for strength and performance, our buckles guarantee the utmost reliability and peace of mind in any safety-critical situation.